Shanghai Junshan Surface Technology Engineering Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as JSST).
Its predecessor is Shanghai Junshan surface technology Co,Ltd, founded on April 27th of 2001.

On April 17th of 2007, the organization form is changed from limited liability company to limited company, the registered capital is 42 million RMB, it is located in No.151,Road Gongyue, Yanghang Industrial Park,District Baoshan. It covers about the area with 10000 square meters. According to the hot spraying market for the requirement of development of Chinese iron steel industry, “Junshan Corporation” considers production capacity to occupy the market, sub-companies and base are set up, it includes Beijing sub-company、Hubei sub-company and Liaoning sub-company.

We are a private high-tech company which is professionally engaged in researching development and application for metal surface modification technology. Surface coating technology is to solve surface failure problem like equipment wearing、corrosion and hot oxidation by means of combination method like spraying、deposited welding etc.. Such technology can make various working surface to be performed wonder and protected with helmet and armor, can designed and manufactured required various functional surface. Thus, it is widely applied in normal mechanical repairing、energy powder、iron steel megalithic and bioengineering。

We own

HVOF made by Praxair ,USA
Plasma coating system, D-gun
Full automatic pre-treatment system for shot blasting made in Australia
Arc spraying system、Electro-spark depositing welding system、Full-automatic submerged arc welding
Dozens sets of surface treatment quipment, including large scale grinding machine for roller、large scale digital grinding machine、lathe, etc.

Business policy of the company is technology as the guide, quality for survival, service as the guarantee, and customer satisfaction as the target, to provide high quality product and service for customer.