• Safety production standardization2020.05.21
  • Certification of environment management system2019.02.19
  • Certification of quality management system 2019.02.18


  • Automatic brush plating machine2018.09.04
  • Sand blasting unit2018.09.04
  • Assisting sorting system for surface defect2018.09.04
  • Cylindrical surface grinding device2018.07.10
  • Sampling device for cylindrical surface2018.07.10
  • Sampling device for cylindrical surface2018.07.10
  • Turbine machine2018.04.30
  • Sealing solution for coating layer2018.01.12
  • Coating seal2018.01.12


  • Speed measuring unit for roll electronic plating 2017.08.04
  • Surface treatment system2017.06.09
  • Roll assembly with surface protection2017.06.09
  • Assembly for roll protection2017.06.09
  • Electronic plating equipment with roll speed measuring 2017.04.26
  • Sand blasting equipment for surface treatment2017.04.19
  • Conveying system with roll speed measurement2017.04.19


  • powder and its making for anti-corrosion coating2016.08.24
  • Spraying method for duplex coating with anti-build up 2016.06.29
  • Anti-corrosion coating and its making method2016.06.01
  • Anti-corrective roll and its making2016.06.01
  • Duplex coating for anti-build up2016.06.01
  • Complex structure roll2016.04.13
  • A solution with D-gun for roll coating used in automobile production line2016.03.16


  • measuring device for furnace roll2015.12.16
  • Zinc dross cleaning device and cleaning solution for top roll2015.08.19
  • A kind of making method for cermet coating2015.07.01


  • gun for thermal spraying 2014.12.31
  • Lifting device for furnace roll2014.12.31
  • Assisting tool for bearing mounting2014.12.31
  • Trouble shooting system for roller wheel coating production line2014.12.31
  • Assisting tool for grinding disc mounting2014.12.31
  • Sealing for coating layer2014.08.29
  • Making method for sealing for coating layer2014.08.29
  • Turbine machine2014.08.29
  • Detector for furnace roll2014.08.29
  • A kind of coating layer for anti-build up and high temperature resistance for bottom roll2014.04.30


  • zinc removal agent for roll body2013.07.03
  • Solution for zinc removal for roll body2013.07.03
  • Zinc dross cleaning device in top roll2013.04.10
  • Bearing groove (utility model patent)2013.04.10
  • Complex coating and its coating method, complex structure roll2013.03.06


  • bearing sleeve invention 2012.09.20


  • device for zinc removal for roll2011.12.21
  • Deposited welding hardened surface bridle roll and its manufacturing method(converted as hardened bridle roll)2011.12.16
  • Complex structure coating and its coating method2011.11.02
  • Polishing mechanisms for pressure wheel2011.02.09


  • medium frequency quenching for hardening surface bridle roll and its manufacturing method (converted as manufacturing method for medium frequency quenching hardened surface bridle roll)2010.08.11
  • Sink roll (utility model patent)2010.08.04
  • Laminar flow roller2010.06.09


  • medium frequency quenching for hardening surface bridle roll2009.04.29
  • Deposited welding hardened surface roll2009.04.29


  • nickel based self-melt alloy on copper and copper alloy substrate2008.10.10