Spray welding Technology

Making use of spray welding technology, we apply surface strengthening and functional coating on laminar cooling roll in hot rolling line, the life time is effectively extended for roller table, running stabilization is developed for production line. This technology has been successfully widely applied in Baosteel, Bengang, Masteel, Baogang ,Liangang , Hangang and overseas steel plant.

Spray welding is a kind of technology which takes oxyacetylene as hot resource to spray the self-melt alloy powder to the pretreated surface of part and the coating layer is melt and infiltrated with surface of the part, metallurgical bonding is achieved by dissolution and diffusion between liquid state alloy and surface of solid part so as to get tight spray welding layer.

By means of proper self-melt alloy, functional protective coating layer is made on part in high tightness, high hardness, high bond strength. Coating layer is with excellent wearing, anti corrosion , thermal shock resistance, the life time is effectively extended.